Al Kobaisi Group Ramadan Gathering

Eligible employees of AL KOBAISI GROUP are provided a wide range of benefits. A number of the programs cover all employees in the manner prescribed by law and other fringe benefits being given by AKG. Benefits eligibility is dependent upon a variety of factors including employee classification and gatherings being given by the Management every month, wherein we recognize our employees by giving employee of the month, incentives for hitting the target sales and most important thing is the camaraderie of all divisions, which we emphasize TEAM BUILDING and teamwork for all.

Month of January 2014 is an unforgettable big day for the employees of AKG as this is the first gathering for the year 2014 wherein we started to recognize all loyal employees who are serving the company for 10 years and more and at the same time we presented the employee of the month in each division.

AKG made a habit that we do the gathering monthly as for the month of February 2014, we presented the employee of the month, incentives being given to the employees who have hit the target on each division.

It was a memorable gathering last March 2014, wherein we celebrated the Birthday of our Managing Director and enjoy the gathering with lots of games and each division got closer and created a teamwork.

Month of April 2014, gathering focused on team building and all about games, after enjoying the games we presented the employee of the month and the incentives in each division.

Ramadan Gathering was celebrated successfully and all employees have their Ramadan kit which is consist of 5 kilos rice, cooking oil, salt, sugar, milk, tea, dal, onions and potatoes, wherein all employees shared their happy moments before the start of HOLY RAMADAN.


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