The Innovative 2014

Al Kobaisi Group held the first product exhibition and new product launching last May 7, 2014 at the main office, Hidd Industrial Area. The exhibition opened at 4pm exposing the products and services such as Readymix, Block Factory, Precast, Building System, Aluminum & Glass, Car Rentals, Motors, Travel & Tours and Fuel Station. The event was highlighted with the new products launched at its first born in Bahrain Industry. The guests were astonished while witnessing the Innovative products which would change the traditional way into advanced application presented by the Export Area Managers from Italy and Germany.

Geoplast – Italy

Geoplast invade the night with the presentation of Mr. Daniele Artuso – Export Area Manger from Italy introduces the first and new method of curing formworks, columns and panels using the GEOPLAST’s reusable modular formwork and columns made of lightweight but high-strength ABS. It is comprehensive casing system for concrete casting circular columns and square or rectangular pillars in both civil and industrial applications, reusable about 100 times when respecting the recommended assembly and dismantling procedures provided, rapid assembly and plumb timing, easy storage and good surface finish of cast.

Actual Test were witnessed by our guests made during the factory visit. “This is amazingly different and total solution to improve the construction industry of Bahrain”, says one of the guest.

PU700 – Germany

PU700 at its highly defined strength to replace a 25 kg bag of traditional mortar into a single canister. Speeding up your construction and save time made easy with this advanced method of bonding stone and block works. Illbruck PU700 is a rapid curing PU foam adhesive developed specifically for the installation of brick, stone, blocks and range of other construction materials. The adhesive cures rapidly to form a high strength bond, and is equally suitable for internal and external use. It has excellent long-term resistance to water, dilute acids and alkaline solutions.

Actual test were done in front of the guests headed by Mr. Abdulla Al Kobaisi – Managing Director of Al Kobaisi Group and Mr. Nizar El Hage- Regional Manager of Tremco illbruck. Blocks were placed and applied with PU700, kept after 15 minutes and surprisingly bonded strongly. Tested with load of blocks but the bond made it stay as it is. “This is simply the best way…” says one of our guest.

Exposures doesn’t end here when the visitors are taken to factory tour to witness the existing system – Al Kobaisi Building System. The new patented system of prefabrication of block-walls under controlled factory conditions, improves quality, minimizes construction time, cost and risks.

The tour takes them to actually witness how the production is made easy and convenient spearheaded by the brain of this technology, to build your construction without compromising quality powered by the latest technology from Germany.

Mr. Abdullah Essa Al Kobaisi, Managing Director of Al Kobaisi Group.


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