Ministry of Housing visits KBS Factory

Ministry of Housing visits Al Kobaisi Building System Factory participated by the heads and chiefs of different Directorate. The assembly was held at Al Kobaisi Group main office hall at Hidd Industrial Area on August 28, 2014 at 10:00 am opened by Mr. Farooqahmed, Factory Manager (Precast & Building System division). The program ran with the view of our previous prestigious projects along with the major partners who facilitated the operation of Al Kobaisi Building Systems. Mr. Farooq underlined the vision of KBS as a reliable and complete building solutions for Kingdom of Bahrain along with the mission of total customer satisfaction. The presentation broke the eye of the audience as Mr. Abdulla Al Kobaisi, Managing Director barely mentioned the existing housing situations of the community, along the way, MoH’s keenness triggered out as the solution presented on the shape of Kobaisi Building System. Through this system, we could achieve the highest quality, cut costs, less material wastage, time saving, less manpower and environment friendly. Firstly introduced in the Kingdom of Bahrain to make the construction easier than the traditional way.

The presentation continues with the stages of the building system stringently explained by the brain of the system, Mr. Abdullah Al Kobaisi. Questions were raised laterally during the presentation and out of the perfect design from German technology, audience left amazed with the initiative implemented by Mr. Al Kobaisi to provide solution in current housing crisis.

The program then stretched out with the visit in the factory spearheaded by Mr. Al Kobaisi. The tour led them to witness the state-of- the-start technology, which kept their senses in a vision to lead the way ahead.

Finally, the audience expressed honor to the system and left the factory with full hope of solving the increasing number of housing application in the Kingdom. “…I feel this is the opportunity and a good Media to introduce this system”. Mr. Ameer Affooni, Head of Construction Projects stressed on during the presentation.


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